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 Candidate Brochure    Package of 25
 A tri-fold brochure created
as a simple but effective promotional tool for potential weekend pilgrims.
Clergy Brochure
Package of 25

A 4-fold brochure which
contains a deeper explanation of what a VDC Weekend is as well as a short description
of each of the talks given at a weekend.

 4th Day Manual
 5.5 x 8.5 inch
Contains answers to almost all questions a VDC Pilgrim will ask after their weekend is finished.
A perfect take-home gift for all new 4th Day pilgrims.  


Group Reunion Cards
Package of 100
These are the tri-fold cards often used at "Reunion Group" meetings.

  Spiritual Director's
  Manual NEW 2016
The latest version (2016) of the NLS Spiritual Director's Manual. 78 pages,
 8.5 x 11 inch

   Pilgrim's Guide

These are the green cover, 44 page, pocket books given to each pilgrim at the start of VDC Weekends.

   Pilgrim's Guide
LARGE PRINT version of the Pilgrim's Guide. It is 8.5 x 11 inch in size and almost all print is size 24.

 Pilgrim's  Guide
 Braille Version

  11 x 12

                     NLS Resource CD Disk,  Contains 12  PDF  Format Files
  1-Lay Talk Outlines                                      7-Music on the Weekend
  2-Essentials of a Weekend                         8-Ultreya Planning Guide
  3-Leadership Training 101 & 201               9-NLS Constitution & Bylaws
  4-Authentic-Three-Day-Weekend              10-Annual Meeting Host Guidelines 8.09.1
  5-SD Manual ver 2006                                11-Annual Meeting Presentations 91-99
  6-Pilgrims Guide Large Print                      12-2011 NLS History Book                        
  Pilgrim's Guide
  Audio CD Format

 Includes all three:
 WAV & MP3 digital formats as well as   Audio CD format.

  "Christ is Counting
  On You"
Al Sager presents an early VDC promotional video.

DVD-12 "The Cross" Bev Appleby (1996) presents information on the various forms of Christian crosses and their history.

 DVD-13  “Sponsorship” VDC  Sponsorship is  explained in detail by  a panel of three VDC  veterans; Fred, Dan  & Pat.

DVD-14 "Music 1st  Hour"
Yohann Anderson (1996) explains the use of music in VDC presentations.
Part-1 of 2

 DVD-15 "Music 2nd  Hour" Yohann  Anderson (1996)  explains the use of  music in VDC  presentations.  Part-2 of 2

 DVD-16 "Christian  Community in Action"  (1997) Gough &  Walter explain the  power of Christian  Community in Action.

 DVD-17  (1999)  Progression of a  VDC Weekend Ed  Kutay explains the  importance and  structure of  "Progression of a  VDC Weekend".

DVD-18 "Legal and Financial" (2000) Diane Purcell helps explain the important details of Legal and Financial planning in terms of Local VDC leadership, weekends, and other VDC activities.

 DVD-19 "Team  Formation and  Training" Dave  Sagisser (2000)  presents details and  requirements  concerning "Team Formation & Training". A very well prepared and presented teaching.

DVD-20 "Role of the Secretariat"
Tracy Schmidlin (2000) discusses the role a local secretariat should be involved in for support of our local VDC Secretariats.

 DVD-21 "Palanca"  Mark Carnes (2000)  explains what palanca  is, why we have it,  how it is used, and  more.

DVD-22 "Is Christ Calling You?" Larry Witham (2007) presents a powerful promotional video that is both short, (about 12 minutes), and emotionally energized. This is the tool to bring both clergy and laity to VDC Weekends.

NLSAM 2010
DVD Disc 1:
   3 Seminars
   & Keynote
DVD Disc 2:
   2 forums, "Church Pew" & 3 worships

DVD Video "Pastor Interviews" 2009 

Several VDC Clergy are interviewed with each explaining the value VDC has added to their communities and to their local church congregations.


 NLS 2011 History Book  This is a 102 page, 6 x 9  inch, booklet which  contains written histories  of individual VDC  Secretariats as well as  history of the  National Lutheran Secretariat of Via de Cristo. 


 NLS Devotion Booklet

 A Great Palanca Gift!  This 54 page pocket  size booklet contains 17  devotional messages  written by VDC Clergy.