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Biography of Carol Reedstrom

Carol Reedstrom
Carol Reedstrom - Conexiones Editor

Hello, I am Carol Reedstrom. It's an honor to serve on the national level of Via de Cristo as the editor of the CONEXIONES. I live in small USA, which for me, happens to be in southern Minnesota. My husband, Dave, and I live on a family farm homesteaded in 1884. Now that I've retired, I appreciate sitting on our front porch to read, watch our vineyard grow, and simply enjoy the quiet beauty of God's creation. When I worked outside the home, I was employed in government, health care, and advocacy organizations.

Via de Cristo was introduced to me in November of 2008. After stalling for at least 3 years, I finally said “yes” to Minnesota VdC weekend #515. So glad my sponsor kept asking me. Thanks for not giving up on me, Trish!!!

Did you cry on your weekend? I am not ashamed to say that I cried. I cried Friday night when the reality hit me that my daughter with Down Syndrome had been invited, welcomed, and accepted - as any other weekender - a whole year before me. I cried reflecting on how my daughter, Vicki, had been accepted as a child of God - as any other weekender. I cried truly amazement for how her sponsor, the Rectora, and the weekend team loved and cared for Vicki - as any other weekender. And I couldn't stop crying at the thought that she went through her weekend without needing her mother's help! Then when it came to addressing the assembled 4th Day community on Sunday afternoon, I cried again while sharing that VdC had given Vicki and I a very special mother/daughter experience like no other. I told them that we don't get many opportunities where we are on equal footing; in fact, such opportunities are almost unheard of for us.

Via de Cristo will always be in my heart as a community of believers who not only believe in sharing God's message of love for all, but they also strive to be God's disciples through their actions of love.

Blessings, Peace, & Joy ~ Carol Reedstrom