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Biography of Warren (Butch) Seeley

Butch Seeley
Warren (Butch) Seeley - VP of Administration

Warren attended Men's Ohio Via de Cristo # 28 in the spring of 1993, where he sat at the Table of Matthew.

He and his wife worship at All Shepherd's Lutheran Church in Lewis Center, Ohio.

He and his wife, Wendy, are married 29+ years and they have two daughters and two grandchildren.

He has worked several weekends in various positions, and is a past Rector, as well as...

He currently serves the Lord in his second term as Lay Director for the State of Ohio, and also serves as the Director of Prayer ministry at All Shepherd's Lutheran Church.

He has attended four National Gatherings.

Warren is president and CEO of The Seeley Group, a Financial Planning/ Confident Retirement practice in Columbus, Ohio. He has 38+ years of experience in the field. He has several designations and a multitude of industry awards. He also holds a U.S. patent and a U.S. Copy right.

He spends his extra time: with family, reading, exercising, doing Kun Tao, motorcycle riding, wood working, hunting and fishing.

He loves and serves the Lord Jesus.