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Our Journey to 2016 #2 The theme

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Please join Good News! Via de Cristo, Via de Cristo of Ohio and others from Region 5 next July in Sylvania, Ohio for the Annual Gathering of the National Lutheran Secretariat.

Ephesians 2:10-14 and especially Ephesians 2:13 will be the scripture emphasis during this weekend. The theme: “Reaching the Far Away” comes to us from this scripture and from our history..

Our history tells us of a man of God who prayed for a solution to bringing others closer to Christ, while at the same time bringing people closer to each other. His name? Eduardo Bonin.

Eduardo is consider to be the founder of Catholic CursilloR . He believed that if we could just reach the far away we could spread the Gospel one person at a time. And so, the Holy Spirit gave Eduardo a “charism” or gift – the dynamics of the weekend, a method to share and a teaching on how to reach those who are far away. We learn that the “far away” can be across the country or the person standing next to you.

We believe that this gift is as valuable today as it was when Eduardo received it and began to teach it Mary Doll, part of the Good News community, has written a song for the upcoming weekend and we are excited to share that with you.

We want to feature another song with the theme for 2016 and it has to do with how we stay connected. How we continue to be encouraged; how we “Thrive” – with Joy unspeakable, Faith unsinkable, Love unstoppable – anything is possible. You may want to take time to listen to the Casting Crowns song “Thrive”, as it brings a powerful message to us to carry on! Ultreya!

In case you haven’t heard, the Annual Gathering for 2016, will be held at Lourdes University in Sylvania, Ohio which is a small university within a Catholic, Franciscan Community.

We would be glad to pick you up at Detroit Metro Airport, Toledo Express Airport or Amtrack’s Toledo Union Station at Martin Luther King, Jr Plaza in Toledo, Ohio if you do not want to drive. Ohio logo

Please stay tuned for more information. And if you missed the first news
Article, please look for it on the website. Questions? Contact us ☺

God Loves You and So Do We!
Tracy Schmidlin
Co-chairs for 2016

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