Prayer Vigils

Setting up and using Sign Up tools for prayer vigils

Need help managing these events? The work of our prayer warriors who cover us in prayer before, during, and after our events is paramount to their success. Most of us have used some sort of prayer vigil sign up to ensure that we are covered throughout the weekend. In the past many of us have used the 3day site to accomplish this, but, unfortunately, that site is no longer available.

We’ve gathered several user-friendly options below. You are free to use whatever works for your groups. Share your success or issues with us, and we can post, here.

If you desire prayer support from outside your area, please use the List a Weekend form to share the link to your prayer vigil sign-up.

Sign Up Tools

Prayer Banner

This is a site like the 3day site, but is set up by the Presbyterian Pilgrimage (Presbyterian Cursillo), but they will welcome us. Sign up, Log in, and easy to use.


Prayer Vigils

This is an international site. Very easy and self-explanatory. Sign Up and add your event. Note, if you use this site, be mindful of the international time zones and adjust accordingly. Also, there is no way to edit, once you have made the post.


Sign Up Genius

This is another method many groups are using, while it lacks the connections like the dedicated sites above, it’s easy to use and modern.


Google Docs

You can use a simple Google Doc—download instructions here.