What is Palanca?

Palanca is a word often associated with the Cursillo movement and has been adopted by the Via de Cristo ministry. The Spanish word Palanca means lever.  A lever is a fixed metal bar, pivoted on a fixed fulcrum.  A lever is used to move or lift a heavy object more easily.

Within the Via de Cristo Community, Palanca is related to voluntary prayers and sacrifices made on behalf of an individual or community—to lift up and communicate the meaning of grace.  

Grace is a free gift from God.  Grace communicates God’s unconditional promise of love for us all. 

Archimedes Lever
Archimedes Lever

Palanca is the lever that lifts up the grace of God in daily living.

First and foremost, Palanca is an act of offering prayers on behalf of another.  Palanca can also be expressed through a letter or small gift given to a participant on a Via de Cristo weekend. 

Palanca is meant to encourage and offer best wishes to a pilgrim for a meaningful weekend.  It also is an expression of friendship from one person to another.  Palanca then becomes a visible expression of the prayers of grace offered to others.