Dave Leverenz

I’m Dave Leverenz, the Archivist. 

I attended Sonshine North Men’s Via de Cristo #20 near Jacksonville, Florida in 1990, where I sat at the table of Matthew.  It’s been a long journey since then.

Originally from the midwest, 28 moves in 49 years of marriage have taken Cindy and me all over the United States and Asia. We’ve been active in several Via de Cristo communities along the way and currently participate in Oregon Via de Cristo, where I am the Secretary. We’re members of Calvary Lutheran Church in Grants Pass.

The story of how we got to the Northwest 

Living comfortably in Tampa a couple of years ago, we got a call from old Southern California friends asking if we’d be interested in working a weekend in Oregon. Sure, why not!  During that weekend, God called us in a way we had never experienced. Four months later we made the 3200 mile trek west and found a new home, a new church, and a wonderful new Via de Cristo community.

Retired from a career in civil engineering, I’ve found several other ways to put my time to good use, volunteering in various city and county capacities and on the church council. God is surely good, all the time.

Role Description

The Archivist, or Historian, is a responsible servant of Jesus Christ who wishes to glorify God by maintaining a meaningful archive of historical information and documentation of the Via de Cristo as well as other 4th Day ministries including the Cursillo®.

  • A National Lutheran Secretariat (NLS) Executive Board (EB) appointed position with no fixed length of service. The position will be reviewed annually and continued only by mutual consent of the current appointee and the President with EC approval.
  • Serves without compensation.
  • Accountable to NLS Executive Committee (EC) through the Executive Director.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities

  1. Pray regularly for the members of the NLS Executive Board (EB) and the NLS affiliated secretariats.
  2. Be an active member of a renewal group
  3. Maintain authentic, historically accurate digital records of Cursillo® and Via de Cristo activity from formation to present.
  4. Make recommendations to the Executive Committee on items to be acquired and included in the archives.
  5. Keep an accurate inventory of all items contained within the archive and provide occasional presentations and/or displays at Annual Gathering.
  6. Make historical information available to the EB and Executive Director, as needed.
  7. Maintains an accurate and timely manual for this position including a timeline of responsibilities.
  8. Provides an annual report of activities to the VPA for inclusion in the Annual Gathering binder no later than June 1 of each year

Other Duties

As assigned by the President, Executive Director

Supervisory Responsibilities


Knowledge, Skills, and Related Gifts

  • A working understanding of proper historical methods for accurately maintaining digital and hardcopy records.
  • A love of the little appreciated or understood facts.
  • A working understanding of the VdC and its relationship to other bodies, e.g., the Church, other 4th Day ministries, the nation, the international community, etc.

Fiscal Responsibility

Appropriate expenditures / expense reports or receipts are to be filed with the NLS Treasurer that relate to the position, travel and need for meetings.

Extent of Public Contact: Low

Physical Demands

Patient review and filing. Attend the Annual Gathering is possible to help display and educate on history of the ministry

Working Conditions/Environment

Often the Annual Gathering provides exceptional opportunities to interview people who have had great impact on the VdC ministry. Initiators and molders of the method are asked to make presentations. Every effort should be made to interview and record significant thoughts and comments.