Distribution Center Coordinator


A responsible servant of Jesus Christ who wishes to glorify God by maintaining an inventory and the sale of NLS materials.

  • A National Lutheran Secretariat (NLS) Executive Board (EB) appointed position with no fixed length of service. The position will be reviewed annually and continued only by mutual consent of the current appointee and the President with EC approval.
  • Serves without compensation.
  • Accountable to NLS EC through the Executive Director.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities

  • Pray regularly for the members of the NLS EB and the NLS affiliated Secretariats.
  • Be an active member of a renewal group.
  • Attendance at the Annual Gathering to display and sell NLS resources.
  • Handle orders and distribute items in a timely manner.
  • Handle the inventory, receipts, and distribution of all Via de Cristo materials except weekend crosses.
  • Operate the Distribution Center’s own books and checking account, provide quarterly reporting to treasurer, Executive Director, Non Profit Compliance Coordinator [The NLS currently uses Quick Books so information can merge easily with the Treasurer’s records and allow reports to be presented in an Excel format. Provide accounting reports to the NLS EC at least annually.
  • Discuss the need to order or reproduce items with the Executive Director prior to fulfilling requests.
  • Pay all the Distribution Center’s invoices.
  • Work with Non Profit Compliance Coordinator and Executive Director to execute an annual audit process for physical inventory and accounting of funds.
  • Keep current any legal/statutory filings required to keep distribution center operational, work with Non Profit Compliance Coordinator.
  • Maintains an accurate and timely manual for this position including a timeline of responsibilities.
  • Provides an annual report of activities to the VPA for inclusion in the Annual Gathering binder no later than June 1 of each year.
  • Participates in Executive Committee teleconferences when requested.

Other Duties

As assigned by the NLS President or Executive Director.

Supervisory Responsibilities


Knowledge, Skills, and Related Gifts

  • Clear understand of various inventory methods.
  • Understanding of computers and QuickBooks.

Fiscal Responsibility

As defined above

Extent of Public Contact: Some

Supply coordinators of member secretariats will make regular contact to purchase materials.

Physical Demands

Travel to National VdC Annual Gathering as well as handling, printing, and shipping the basic inventory.

Working Conditions/Environment

Through the years extensive materials have been developed by the NLS. The incumbent will need to acquire a good working knowledge of these materials in order to understand requests and make possible recommendations of other material that may be helpful to member secretariats.