Spiritual Director

Reverend Sue Beal
Spiritual Director


Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Via de Cristo has been a vital part of my ministry since I first attended a weekend in 1995, and I know and deeply appreciate what a precious gift it is to God’s work in the church and in the world. I look forward to serving with you as I serve on the National Lutheran Secretariat of Via de Cristo Board as Spiritual Director, getting to know you better as we work together growing spiritually and helping others grow spiritually as we serve Christ.

I am a retired Lutheran Pastor (ELCA). After my retirement, I served five years as an interim pastor for churches in the Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast Synod of the ELCA that were in the transition process. I served two terms on the Board of the Texas VdC Secretariat, and also on the Texas Gulf Coast VdC Board as Spiritual Director since its start-up in 2017.

I was married to Gordon Beall for 41 years until his death in 2002. We have two adult sons who are married and between them I have 6 grandsons.

My formal education includes a Certification in Spiritual Formation and Spiritual Direction, FIND Program for Training Spiritual Directors, Sponsored by the Episcopal Diocese of Texas, 2015; Master of Divinity Seminary Program in the Southwest, Wartburg Seminary, 1994; Ph.D. in Health Education/Communication, Texas Woman’s University, Denton, Texas, 1976; M.A. in Kinesiology/Recreation, Texas Woman’s University, Denton, Texas, 1964; and a B.A. in Health & Kinesiology, Mary Hardin Baylor College, Belton, Texas, 1960.

God loves you and so do I. De Colores!

Role Description

The Spiritual Director (SD) is a responsible servant of Jesus Christ who, as ordained and rostered clergy, wishes to glorify God by watching over the theological integrity of the ministry and assist the NLS Executive Board (EB) in matters of faith and spirituality. The Spiritual Director, with the President, will serve as liaison to the various church bodies to promote the mission and purpose of Via de Cristo (VdC).

  • Elected by the delegates at a National Lutheran Secretariat (NLS) Annual Gathering to serve a two-year term. Renewable by election for a second two-year term.
  • Serves without compensation.
  • Accountable to NLS President and the Executive Committee (EC).

Essential Functions and Responsibilities

  1. Prays regularly for the leaders of NLS affiliated Secretariats and the members of the NLS EB.
  2. Participates as an active member of a Renewal Group
  3. The SD will seek to promote Via de Cristo among the Lutheran Church and other official church bodies. This promotion should include corresponding with Lutheran Bishops, District Presidents, etc., each year, with an invitation to attend the National Annual Gathering.
  4. The SD directs the Executive Board spiritually and keeps the Board in tune with the clergy side of matters under consideration.
  5. Serves as the NLS’s official link to all Christian clergy communities throughout the United States.
  6. Encourages clergy attendance at, and participation in, VdC and NLS activities, particularly the Annual Gathering.
  7. Using our database, sends a communication each winter to all pastors who have attended a VdC weekend seeking their support for the ministry by serving on weekends and sponsoring pilgrims.
  8. In coordination with the Vice President for Outreach, the SD will assist in new VdC secretariat start-ups, as needed.
  9. Maintains an accurate and timely manual for this position including a timeline of responsibilities.
  10. Provides an annual report of activities to the Vice President of Administration for inclusion in the Annual Gathering binder no later than June 15 of each year.

Other Duties

As requested by the President

Supervisory Responsibilities

Spiritual Direction for the National VdC Annual Gathering Host Committee – work with the Host Committee and participate in the planning and follow through of worship services and chapel facilities.

  • The SD should be well versed in both the method and the history of the movement, especially the roots as they pertain to the spirituality of our ministry.
  • Knowing that the VdC is not a church or a para-church, promoting the ministry as basic Christian discipleship and renewal for Christian spiritual well being.
  • Good human relation skills are essential, as well as good public speaking skills.
  • A champion and example, alongside the EB, of how lay and clergy work together.

Fiscal Responsibility

Appropriate expenditures/expense reports or receipts are to be filed with the NLS Treasurer that relate to the position, travel and needs for meetings.

Extent of Public Contact: Moderate to High

The extent to which the SD is able to accomplish outreach to other 4th Day clergy. Possibly leading worship or delivering a keynote address at the Annual Gathering. Attendance at the Mid-Year Meeting and Annual Gathering.

Physical Demands

Possible travel to maintain contact with communities and clergy. Attempt to be visible at Synod functions and other National functions as a representative of VdC / NLS. In attendance all NLS EB meetings.