Spiritual Director · February 1, 2016

A New Month

It’s the beginning of a new month! Turn those calendar pages and prepare for Groundhog Day, Ash Wednesday (2/10), Valentine’s Day, and President’s Day! The days are getting ever so longer and this “weird-weather-winter” will soon move into Spring. Easter comes early this year, it is on March 27, one week after Spring officially begins. My daughter, Emily, turns 25 on the 17th and I also have a niece and nephew with birthdays this month.

This month is big in politics as at least 4 States will have their caucuses and this will likely affect the number of Presidential candidates on both sides by months end. For that, I give thanks and praise! I can’t wait until it’s narrowed down to 1-2 on both sides and we get on with it! The amount of news coverage of the Presidential election is incredible, and hits us on all sides. I think I’ll wait until early November, evaluate my options, and go vote. I can do without the hype, the millions of dollars being spent on advertising and running campaigns.

February is upon us and it is a new month. The newness you and I feel today, and really every morning, pales in comparison to the newness that God gives us!! Do you really, really understand that your past sins are forgiven? Do you get this? Understanding personal forgiveness (and being able to forgive ourselves)is key to living the spiritual life. How refreshing to know that God loves, God forgives and God loves all over again. Why, then, are we the ones to remember our past mistakes when God has forgotten them? Seems like it would be pretty easy to let it go, let’s start today!!

It’s the same way with the future. Why do anxiety and worry cloud our daily living? Well, it’s normal and it’s human! The Bible is clear that you and I will sin, we will worry (even though the Bible says not to see Matthew 6:24 for example) and we will be anxious. It’s part of our human nature and it is okay. You and I worry and we are anxious and we can feel guilty over the past. Rather than fight this fact, perhaps our spiritual best move is to accept this child inside of us who is raging to be heard. Calm him/her by repeating something like “Jesus Christ is my non-anxious presence” or some other prayerful mantra that will help. There are 100’s of Bible verses that might apply and if you want to write me back I’ll be glad to help.

The bottom line is we travel into a new day, a new week and a new month with God! We are not alone! The love, forgiveness and grace of God in Christ are simply all aspects of God’s wonder-filled personality. And you are included! Enjoy the new day, the new month and be refreshed in your spirit…God is with you, loves you and will walk with you through all the ups and downs of life! In fact, it’s part of one of our mantra’s in VDC is it not? Often I will type GLYASDI as I know others have. But, here it is for your new month: God Loves You and So Do I!!!


Pr. Doug

National Lutheran Spiritual Director

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Eric is our current Webmaster and works on the NLS Communications Team. Raised in Judaism, he found Christ and the New Testament at age 16 in a Southern Baptist Church. He searched many denominations for the real church, only to find the Holy Spirit is present in all of them. He's worked for One for Israel, a group of native Israeli believers who are sharing the gospel in the holy land in Hebrew and is part of the only Hebrew speaking seminary in Israel.