Spiritual Director · March 28, 2016

Chronic pain

Chronic pain is no fun! I see it all the time in caring for patients but it is one thing altogether to deal with chronic pain myself. For about a year now I have had bulging discs in my neck, along with some arthritis. This is causing a real to life “pain in the neck” and in the Levator Scapulae going down from the neck to the shoulder blade. I have written about this before! I have learned that when we have some pain, other muscles begin to compensate and shield the pain area and away we go. When one is in pain, life takes a different look. You can’t or don’t want to do some basic things or basic things hurt and cause pain.

I’ve have some medicine which is another set of challenges in and of itself. The pain medicine and muscle relaxer make me tired/sleepy and so naps come easily (when I’m home, not on the road). I am receiving physical therapy and working now to get stronger. Much of my particular pain is caused by long time poor posture.

Do you ever think about your posture? I mean we who work at computers and drive a lot tend to slump forward. That pulls on various muscles and tendons and causes some of the things I am experiencing. I am doing certain specific exercise and making changes in lifestyle and positioning at work so that I can pull back the shoulders and stretch everything out.

Of course nothing you and I will ever deal with compares with the pain our Lord went through. The gruesome way Jesus died this past Good Friday led to the beautiful, and perfect way Jesus came from the tomb on Easter morning. Now what do we do with this Easter Good News? Will in change our lives, will it influence how we act toward one another? Easter needs to make a difference in our lives. Perhaps a change in lifestyle, posture (standing up tall in Christ, for example), being more positive, caring and compassionate are all ways this news can change our lives.

In my Easter sermon I offered three words to help build and deepen relationships. When someone is telling you a story, or talking to you about anything say “Then what happened?” I use these three words in my patient care as a way to draw them out and get them talking about their lives. You can try it today with someone…..as they tell you a story say “Then what happened?” and watch how much further your conversation goes.

Three more words for us “He is Risen!” Jesus defeated death! Easter is Good News! Chronic pain will come and go. Life will come and go. Our problems and challenges will come and go. But God stays forever. And the Risen Lord is Good News! Then what happened???

Pr. Doug Givan, MDiv

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