Spiritual Director · March 23, 2015

Life’s Frustrations

There is a certain “branch” of government we all have to work with if we want to drive our vehicles, get licenses, registrations, etc. I have never had a good experience with said agency until we could register license plates by mail. So now I’m trying to get my 15 year old son, Joel, a learner’s permit! As we went in Saturday morning I was quickly angered by the lack of privacy. It is a fairly small waiting room and a few feet away sit about 6-7 women behind long desks calling out for the next number. You can sit in the waiting area and listen to every single conversation. People are turned away left and right for not having the right paperwork and I feel better. Tuesday (because they are closed today, Monday) will be our third time going in because each time we go we are missing documents or have the wrong paperwork.

The last sticking point is confirming his address. I said to the woman that he is 15 years old and does not get any mail. She didn’t seem fazed by that. “Aren’t college’s sending stuff?” she says. Why would a college, to me at least, waste time and money recruiting a freshman in high school? “Does he have a bank account?” “No” I say in desperation. I don’t say this out loud but the boy can’t hardly manage allowance and gift cards are spent as soon as possible. So now we have to bring in two pieces of mail from our home sent to either adult and then they need our birth certificate. I feel a little panicked at this. Not only do I put my life on the line while he practices driving (he backed over a curb yesterday) but now my birth certificate? I’m in too far and want out.

So pray for round three (I think I have it all together now. The passive aggressive side of me wants to get one of those transport dolly’s and roll in with my file cabinet from home! That way all the files we have would be right there ready for whatever it is I don’t have). It is frustrating but we have to do it, no choice.

That speaks to our life doesn’t it? Lots of things happen in life we do not like, we do not agree with, or frustrate the heck  out of us but we still have to carry on. I call it “for the good of the order” we have to do it. It happens in health care just as much as anywhere else. Despite whatever goes in the hallways or in our personal lives the patients still need us. Frustration exists just like the spring cleaning I’ve begun that quickly frustrated me with all the clutter I have. Just like my car headlights “winking” at me this morning. Tonight I’ll  have to go to the auto parts store, figure out the bulb, and then probably go on YouTube to see how to change the bulb. I’m tired already.

As we end the Lenten season this week and turn toward Holy Week and Easter my frustration pales in comparison to getting beaten, whipped, nailed to a Cross. I remember what Jesus did for me and for you so that we may be made free! “Cheer up,” says the Lord, “I have overcome the world!” (John 16:33). I remember Easter and the resurrection and the hope that we have in Christ. And now feel like I can take on a light bulb, the clutter, and getting a learner’s permit. And if things are frustrating you within your Secretariat get to work in a positive way and you will feel better! With God all things are possible!

Pastor Doug Givan

Staff Chaplain

Clay, Brazil

Seton, Indy


“Forgiveness is the only way to permanently change the world.”  -Desmund Tutu

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