Spiritual Director · October 26, 2015

The colorful “show”

The colorful “show” of beautiful trees is ending, so says the weather man. Here in central Indiana we will be getting wind and rain the next couple days and the leaves will come down. It makes me sad because I have loved the “show” and have enjoyed the bright colors of the trees, bushes and even some shrubs. Sometimes it just takes my breath away, they are so beautiful.

Yesterday I went walking around the wooded campus of Wabash College and took lots of pictures. When the sun shines through a tree or behind it the richest colors of gold and yellow can be seen. But, alas, the time changes this coming weekend and we are headed into the month of November….as I write this it’s 60 days to Christmas!

But the colorful “show” has been wonderful and I think there is great spiritual insight with those colors! I have often thought that:

Green is the color of growth, as God grows us in faith, hope and love

Red to me stands for the passion of our hearts to love God and one another ….following our hearts to God’s call within!

Orange for the fire that burns within us, to discovering that “one thing” God would have us do in the world….perhaps we are doing it already

Yellow (doesn’t show up on the screen well) for the light of Christ within us shining out

Enjoy what is left of the colors of God’s rainbow outside! If you are feeling more gray and dark today, may these colors and the “color” of God’s love be with you to encourage you for today. Just for today, know you are enough, you are loved, and you are okay! DECOLORES’!

COlorful Rooster

Pr. Doug



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