Spiritual Director · June 7, 2016

A Little Privacy Please

I just want to drop off my recycled items by myself, just once! This may sound weird, but the recycling facility in my town is the busiest place ever. I have dropped by at all hours of the day, evening, weekends and evenholidays, and there is always, always someone else there! Now I realize it’s  not my private domain but the area where the bins are located is relatively small. Once back into your car you cannot see on the other side what the driver next to you is doing!

Yesterday around 5:30 I ran a few errands in town and everything was quiet. On my way home I stop at the recycling place to drop off my items. The car in front of me also pulls in, and there is someone next to the bin already dropping off her stuff! I start to unload my trunk when an older woman pulls up next to me, hops out and tosses her bag into the bin. For her to do that she steps in front of my car and takes her time dumping out her bag, in the same spot in the bin where I was tossing in! I had to wait a second for her to finish before I could continue! I just want, one time, one time is all I’m asking, to drop by and not have anyone else around!!

Well, we all recycle and thank God we have a place we can drop off things in town. But don’t you feel “crowded” sometimes? I mean I know we have to share space with 6+ billion other people on the planet, but I like a little bit of privacy. Last evening I stepped out on my porch to refill bird feeders. Again, maybe it was my mood, but I just wanted to be left alone a minute. My neighbor pops out for a smoke on the porch and wants to chat. I know, I know, love thy neighbor.

So I couldn’t find any private space yesterday except of course in my home. I know God is the God of crowded places as well as in private. I am thankful that my best “God moments” are mine, and mine alone mostly enjoyed in privacy and quiet. Take some time out today, this week, to find your quiet, private space and enjoy your time with God! There is nothing to “recycle” with the Lord, as God makes all things new!


Pastor Doug



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