Spiritual Director · October 12, 2015

Columbus Day

So today is Columbus Day….other than no mail and no banking I probably won’t give it much thought! I did read once that Christopher Columbus was not a very nice guy. I did read once that there is controversy on whether or not he really did discover America and/or prove the earth was flat. I remember, randomly, 1492 the day Columbus sailed the ocean blue! I remember the great trivia question of the names of his three ships: Curly, Larry and Moe! (I know…I know…Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria)

So today is Columbus Day. I think more than anything else what I take away from him and his life is the sense of adventure he must have had. I mean to set sail with some belief you might go over the edge takes courage! To set sail not even sure what is out there takes courage. I am afraid, for me, it seems like I don’t feel adventurous much these days. I like my routine, my little corner of the world that I can control. I like to know what is going to happen, for the most part, and I might feel adventurous when I think about where to go for dinner, or what I need from the store. Isn’t that exciting?

Then, from out of nowhere, I am walking on a beautiful fall day in my neighborhood. I begin to notice things: the sound of the lawnmower, the smell of fresh cut grass, the sun shining, the birds singing, the children playing in a nearby park. And I’m happy. And I realize life is an adventure…every day God gives is an adventure! We “set sail” each morning unsure what we may discover ahead and that takes courage. I especially see that in the lives of patients who are sick or near death. Their sense of adventure and hope for what lies ahead is inspiring.

I prayerfully look for ways to deepen my “adventure awareness” and I invite you to do the same! Take a look around, breathe, and relax, God has this whole world in His hands….God did in 1492 and God does today in 2015!


Pr. Doug



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