Spiritual Director · September 22, 2014

Feeling my Age

Hi Friends:

I am not ashamed of my age, I’m 54! I will, however and take note, be 55 soon and very soon!!! (I am very pleased to remind you I “act” much, much younger of course!). Late last week I was at a local retail store and the cashier (who looked like she was 10 or 11) said “I gave you the discount” as she rang up my purchase. “Oh”, I said ever so pleased, “what discount is that?” And the little girl said “It’s our senior citizen discount for people 55 and over”. I just didn’t say anything else and thanked her and figured I am close enough to 55 I’ll take any discount I can get.

Go from this to my mailbox. The AARP folks are after me. You know, they wouldn’t need my donation if they stopped sending me all this junk mail!! I get something from them every other day at least, and I’m being totally serious! Unbelievable…..now they offer some good discounts when you belong….nothing wrong with the organization, it’s just way to much marketing for me. So I’m feeling my age today…..add to that it’s the Autumnal Equinox day today at 10:30 tonight we officially begin Autumn!

I love that season, it’s just the time to mark another change, another calendar change and life moves on at a rapid pace! No matter your age today, physically, emotionally, spiritually we have Good News! Our God is with us and loves us unconditionally, and age/time do not effect our God! In the Bible a verse says “A thousand years in your sight are like a day just gone by…” (Psalm 90:4). Enjoy your age today, you and I will never be this young again!! We don’t need to worry about the rest of our life and it is not up to us to answer all our questions about life…the who, what, where, when and how stuff is God’s. Let go today, friend, and enjoy this day! Tomorrow is all ready for us because God is there, and yesterday is forgiven and forgotten. Above all else, be yourself, you are God’s gift to the world!

Yesterday I was speaking with an “alumni” of our local INKY VDC. He said he hadn’t served in several years mainly because he didn’t know any of the guys anymore he said. He is older, retired and as we talked about VDC I could tell he was “done” with it. He said “Do you think it’s run it’s course?” And I said “No, God in Christ is still calling, still blessing, and still instilling the desire to grow as His disciples!” VDC HAS NOT RUN IT’S COURSE, OF COURSE!!! Burnt out alumni will always be there…..I don’t think I’ve seen him at Ultreya’s and he said he was not in any kind of reunion group. It encourages me to encourage you to reach out in your community! I hope and pray the local and national newsletters reach all our people. If you know of an address or email address change for yourself or another VDC person then let your local Secretariat know! And be aware, look around, pray, and a) always recruit people to come, and b) recruit alumni to come back attend a renewal weekend ( in INKY we offer a spot for a person to go through their weekend again), go to Ultreya, find a reunion group and to get involved.

Our God in Christ continues to guide, and bless our movement literally around the world! Keep on keeping on in your world, no matter your age!!! thank you for all you do to serve the Lord in our VDC!

Grace and Peace,
Pr. Doug
NLS Spiritual Director

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