Minutes · November 5, 2020

Meeting November 2020

NLS Executive Committee Meeting
Thursday, November 5, 2020

Present: Brian Schwarz, Executive Director, Wendy Showalter, President, Debbie Klatt, Vice President of Administration, Lindsey Daugherty, Vice President of Outreach, Rev. Sue Beall, Spiritual Director, Jeanne Gaston, Secretary, James Ryan, Treasurer

The meeting was called to Order at 9:05AM CT

Opening Prayer was led by Pastor Sue

A motion was made to approval of the October Meeting’s Minutes by Pastor Sue. The motion was seconded by Jim and passed.

Old Business

Lay Rollos – The first set of were reviewed and approved and now are ready to share with the community.

By-laws – Jeanne suggested having a GoToMeeting after the first of the year with Brian and others interested in giving input on changes to the proposed changes.

Job Manuals and New Goals – Still needed from some of the Executive Committee and Committee Chairs- Archivist/Historian, Distribution Center Coordinator, Palanca Coordinator, and Web Master.

Delegate Calculation Formula – The following suggested Bylaw change was written by the Delegate Calculation Formula Team. All discussion is for Lay Delegates; all Secretariats will still receive one Spiritual Delegate.


  • To reflect most recent Secretariat activity as measured by pilgrims who have attended weekends.
  • Lower the large variation of Lay Delegates between Secretariats
  • To ensure a roughly comparable number of Lay Delegates attending compared to the current calculation.


Each secretariat will receive a minimum of TWO Lay Delegates and one additional Lay Delegate for every 100 Participants (Pilgrims or Guests) over the previous FIVE calendar years, up to a maximum of SIX Lay Delegates.

For example, 2022 Lay Delegates will be determined by the results of Annual Reports submitted from 2017-2021.
This will be introduced to the VdC Community prior to the Annual Gathering and then presented as a workshop during the Annual Gathering for discussion. The goal is to submit a final version to the delegates for approval during the Annual Gathering.


Sue – Has talked with the 2021 Host Committee Spiritual Director to coordinate worship services for the 2021 Annual Gathering. She has written an article for the Conexiones and continues to distribute Weekly Devotions.

Debbie – Communicating with the host committee. Debbie discussed the need to be flexible. They are very excited. Host committee meeting tomorrow at 4:00PM CT. Debbie and Sue Bathe are working to get a refund for the housing for Mid-Year meeting. Five people said they would consider holding the National Gathering in 2022. Debbie has not received a response at this point

Brian – We will insure the Executive Committee and Committee Chairs. Brian will get exact verbiage to Jeanne after he talks to the agent. Lindsay and Brian have been talking to the RCs concerning their positions and how to handle the business side of items needed. Brian is working on getting all the information from VdC “Red Book” in book form (paper copies in a red binder) as Jeanne saves it to a flash drive.

Jim – Nothing to report

Jeanne – Nothing to report

Lindsay – Meeting with RCs – not everyone attended but it was a good meeting. They discussed virtual Ultreyas. There is another meeting on 11/11. Karen Weirs will be showing how Region 1 did the Zoom meeting Ultreya. Breakout rooms were used in the one they did. Lindsay would like to see a clearer cut job description

New Business

Two New Committees – We reviewed two new proposed committees – Communications and Technology/IT Committee. Wendy and Brian will make a few minor changes and then plan the launch.

We discussed the need of better usage of Constant Contact, other options for Newsletter design and regular and consistent Facebook Postings.

Closing Prayer was led by Pastor Sue

Debbie made a motion to adjourn and Brian seconded. The motion passed and the meeting was adjourned at 2:52 PM CT

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