Minutes · October 12, 2021

Meeting October 2021

NLS Executive Committee Meeting
Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Present: John Aclin, Jane Winge, Pastor Sue Beall, Karen Weires, and Kim Brownlow

Call to Order: John

Opening Prayer led by Pastor Sue

Minutes from the September 21, 2021 were accepted.

Old Business


Jane – Mid-Year Meeting Follow Up – We will follow local guidelines and the following requirements will be in place. The EC and Host Committee will wear masks at the school and at the house. Jane reviewed the schedule and other logistics for the Mid-Year Meeting.

Pastor Sue – Spiritual Director Support Committee is working on the SD Survey and revising the brochure that goes out to SD’s. Sue suggested the Regional Coordinator’s work with their Secretariats to get a list of pastors. Karen will get in touch with the RC’s and ask them to help gather that information.

Karen – Karen is working on gathering the Roster’s from Secretariats listing their Board Members. Karen is hoping to connect with the new Secretariat in Wisconsin.

Kim – Kim gave the Colorado Weekend Update re: Policies and Procedures.

New Business

John – John gave a short summary of agenda items to be discussed at Mid-Year to include positions held within Communications, the survey for Secretariats, and the Vision Statement. Asked the EC to identify 3
areas that we feel important for the NLS to work on moving forward.

Closing Prayer – Pastor Sue

Mid Year Meeting – October 28-31, 2021 – Texas

Respectfully submitted, Kim Brownlow

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Kim is the NLS Secretary, since 2020. She attended Colorado VdC Weekend #16 in 2004 and since then has been active with her own local Secretariat, serving many positions on the Board, weekend teams, and numerous Reunion Groups throughout the years. Kim has served as a Regional Coordinator for Region 1 from 2012-2020.