Spiritual Director · August 3, 2015

Misery and pain

I now know misery like I never have before. I know physical pain, bruising, swelling and the joy of pain medication! I know what it’s like to have 3 people in your mouth! I had a tooth pulled Friday after losing a partial bridge Thursday! I get dental work done at the IUPUI dental clinic where senior students work with you (overseen by dentists) and it’s cheaper. So, anyway, there I was Friday afternoon getting a tooth pulled experiencing the above.

After the two students couldn’t jar the tooth loose, they went to get the dentist. This process of the dentist coming in and out, multiple tools being requested from the tray, the sound of that lovely drill (won’t mention the smell) went on for two hours. At one point when they stepped out I was in tears, literally. I was so miserable, in pain, it was hot in the room and the feeling of plastic against my face was all I could take. And none of them noticed.

The dentist said something to me now and then. The third student kept announcing “Pressure, pressure, you’re going to feel pressure.” I just wanted her to feel some “pressure” at one point. They missed my upset, they missed “patient care” in the truest sense. It was another great reminder to notice our patients and family members in our work together. Tears should stop us in our tracks while we listen, care, or just hold the hand.

I take my share of the responsibility for poor dental care leading to these problems. I once saw a bulletin board that said “Ignore your teeth and they will go away.” I can tell you this is true. Please keep up your regular checkups and cleanings so you don’t have to go thru what I went thru. What kept me going that afternoon was a pocket cross I carry that I put in my hand. I kept that cross and turned it in my hand and prayed like a mad man! I felt the comfort of God, and, of course, the ice cream on the way home helped!

We will have pain on this earth: physical, spiritual, and emotional. Count on it happening. Maybe it is right now in your life. Hold closely the Cross of Jesus, who died a horrific death and experienced pain like we will never, ever know. Only to rise again three days later defeating death. All for you, all of that for me. We are so richly blessed. As we meet others along the path of life in varying degrees of pain, reach out and be a comfort. Hold a hand, listen without a lot of words, and bring comfort. That’s what God does for us, it’s the least we can do for each other and our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ!

Let us pray for full fall weekends, many team members and many pilgrim/candidates! We love you Lord and all God’s people said “Amen!”

Pastor Doug Givan
Staff Chaplain
Clay, Brazil
Seton, Indy
“Through the cross, you are flawless….” Song lyric by Mercy Me

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