Spiritual Director · July 15, 2015

Relax, Refuel

I only had a little gas left in the lawn mower so I hoped and prayed it would be enough to finish the yard. I didn’t feel like taking the container and refilling it. I wasn’t feeling 100%, tired, and really didn’t want to cut grass at all yesterday in this humidity. But grass waits for no one and away I went. I am down to the end of the yard and the lawnmower starts to stutter. I try to hurry as much as one can while cutting the grass! And sure enough the mower stops with just a little of the grass left to cut.

The story of my life it feels like. I figured I’d wait and finish that part tomorrow after getting gas for the container. Running out of gas for the lawn mower is not nearly as  bad as running out in a car! I’ve never had that happen, knock on wood, because I usually fill up before I get that low. I belong to triple AAA and am pretty sure they can bring gas, if I should run out. I have been close a couple times, when the light comes on and there are no gas stations in sight!

Outside of cutting the grass and going to church yesterday was a day of low energy and not much “gas” to do anything. I relaxed and rested. I watched a couple movies and just stopped the busy-ness. I fought hard against the voices telling me how much there was to do, to organize and to try and get done. And I think we all need to take time out to rest from time to time. Low on energy today? Out of “fuel”? It’s okay, our God allows for rest and gives us time off if we will only take it.

Jesus took time in the Bible to go away (Mark 6:46, for example) and pray and to rest. It is this kind of rest that, ironically, refuels us and gives energy for the tasks at hand. It’s what a day off is for, or a vacation. Time away is needed to “recreate” ourselves and re-energize. Wal-mart has their back to school stuff out and they will want us to rush the end of summer. Don’t worry, no one can take the well-deserved time out from you. Just give it to yourself today, this week, this month. Do you have lots of time off available? Useone or two days just for you. Nothing on the calendar tonight? Good, leave it that way and allow yourself to rest. The dust, the “to-do’s”, the laundry and dishes can wait. You are re-fueling!

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