Spiritual Director · June 23, 2017

Devote #47

Ok, so if you don’t want to hear the truth today, you might not want to read this. This is straight from the Bible and might make you feel uncomfortable. Ready?

In Mark 4, Jesus tells a parable about a farmer who plants seeds – some seeds fall on the road, some on rocky ground, some among thorns and some in good soil.

Then He explains it to the disciples later. The explanation of the parable seems simple enough and or course, when most christians read it, they automatically assume they are the good guys and have most everything right. We’re never one of the pharisees, nor the bad person in Jesus’ other parables.

So when Jesus explains this parable, we automatically believe we are the seed in the good soil, because we believe in Him. But the parable is not as much about salvation as it is about living a salvation life. The bottom line question is: How are you living your faith? Is your faith in Jesus just a now and then kind of faith or it is a lifestyle? And what are you producing in your life? Are you producing anything? Because I’m about to show you that if you’re not producing anything, you might not be a seed in the good soil. There’s still time to quit reading, if you want! Here’s we go…

In Jesus explanation of this parable He tells us, some seed fell on the road. As the sower was walking out to the field, seed fell from his apron along the path. The birds came and ate it. These are people who hear the Word of God, but Satan steals it right away. That’s not you or me, right?

Next is the seed that fell on the rocky ground. The soil is very thin there, so when the sun comes out, it’s roots aren’t deep enough and it dries up. These are people, who when life gets hard, they give up. Don’t know if you’ve ever lost sight of your faith, but I have. I’ve wondered where God was sometimes.

Third is the seed that grows among the thorn bushes. They grow up alright, but they start worrying about the things of this life more than their destiny, so their faith gets choked out. Sound familiar?

Lastly, is the seed that falls on good soil. It sprouts… it grows.. it produces fruit. As a matter of fact, it produces a lot of fruit – 30, 60, a 100 times more than the original seed. Don’t know if you know this, but one kernel of wheat will produce up to 50 kernels.

So the question is: What are you producing? AND… if you’re not producing anything, you might not be what you thought you were! Ouch, right?

Here’s my word of encouragement for you today: The seed is planted in you otherwise you wouldn’t have read this. Because of your faith in the all atoning work of Jesus on the cross, your sins are forgiving and heaven is your home. But what you do with that blessed hope is still yet to be seen. By the power of the Holy Spirit in you, go produce some fruit!


Thank You for Your Word that makes me do a spot check about my life and gets my attention. Where changes need to be made in my life, Holy Spirit help me to make them. In Jesus name I ask this, Amen.

Rev. Dr. MM Marxhausen

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Mark was Spiritual Director for VdC from 2016 to 2019. He's written many of the devotions, especially the Devote and Affirm series, found on this website.