Minutes · November 9, 2021

Meeting November 2021

NLS Executive Committee and Appointed Chairs Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Present: John Aclin, Jane Winge, Brian Schwarz, Jim Ryan, Pastor Sue Beall, Karen Weires, Kim Brownlow, Sue
Bathe, Amanda Hunter, Dave Leverenz, Randy Poisel, Mark Gerber from Metalife Information Systems (guest)

Absent: Jeanne Gaston (report sent to EC)

Call to Order – John

Opening Prayer led by Pastor Sue

Mark Gerber attended this meeting to answer questions regarding a database that Metalife could provide to
NLS and possibly to local Secretariats. Discussions regarding privacy merging existing data, constant contact,
tracking, grouping, and available help from Metalife. Randy and Amanda will follow up with Mark to gain
additional information.

Minutes from the October 28-30, 2021 (Mid-Year Meeting) were accepted.

Old Business


Sue Bathe – Non Profit Compliance: Sue has been working with Jim regarding the filing deadlines to ensure
compliance for NLS.

Amanda –Communications: Pastor Sue’s devotionals are posted weekly, daily prayers to Facebook, and Fall
Conexiones has been sent out. Amanda will work with EC and Host Committee for all communication needs for the
Annual Gathering. Amanda continues to work on upcoming communication i.e. mid-December Conexiones, website
launch, AG publicity.

Pastor Sue – Spiritual Director Support Committee: They are looking to update the Clergy Brochure and
Clergy Video. They are sending out an SD Survey. They are hoping to gather additional feedback from Lay
Directors regarding SD recruiting.

Dave – Archivist: Dave hopes to work with Eric once the website is further along.

Randy – Database Coordinator: The registration form is nearly complete for the Annual Gathering. They are
working on reviewing Constant Contact groups for mailings and continue working on efficient communication.
Karen has been sending Randy all updated Lay Director addresses as she receives them. The EC suggested using
the Facebook page to remind Lay Directors about filing their annual activities report.

Karen – Outreach: Continues to work with RC’s and still looking for Coordinators for several of the Regions. She
has encouraged individual secretariats to complete the survey for the EC to review responses to better serve them.
She is also working on collecting rosters of all current Board members and SD’s who have served in the past 5
years. Karen is hoping to connect with the new Secretariat in Wisconsin.

Jane – Administration: Jane continues preparations for the 2022 Annual Gathering. A contract with Texas
Lutheran University is pending approval by the EC. She continues to work with all HC leads. Jane has also sent
inquiries to Secretariats that presented interest in hosting the 2023 AG.

Jim – Treasurer: Jim has been working on finalizing the additional signatories of all accounts. He has updated
the NLS registration on MN Sec of State website to reflect new Officers.

John – President: The web site security certificate expired last month and we took advantage of the opportunity
to change our web hosting service to reduce costs. Eric has been developing a new website to improve functionality
and the ability to update/revise the site. Therefore, we’ve not been pushing to update information on the old site.
Unfortunately, the conversion process is taking longer than hoped. Eric continues to keep Brian and John informed
of his progress.

John presented a recap of the mid-year meeting. He shared a summary of items that we identified at the Mid-Year
that we believe to be an immediate need and those vital to the movement. The EC will look at the opportunities
we have to make a difference and help our Secretariats.

New Business

Kim – Addressed the absence of a Registered Agent and after researching the matter, recommended that we
use a company to be our Registered Agent. Kim made a motion to hire Harbor Compliance to be our Registered
Agent for one year at the cost of $99.00. Pastor Sue seconded and the motion passed.

The Constitution and Bylaws have been updated to reflect the changes made during the AG of 2020. Eric will
update the website.

Closing Prayer – Pastor Sue

December Meeting – Tuesday, December 14, 2021 – 8:00 – 9:30 p.m. EST Executive Committee

Respectfully submitted, Kim Brownlow

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