Spiritual Director · September 13, 2017

Devote #104

What I know

Have you ever heard anybody say something like, “Oh, I’m sure.” It was probably to a question you asked them and they were very confident in giving the answer. When you re-questioned them, they gave you the final vote of confidence with those familiar words, “Oh, I’m sure!”

It makes me wonder about what we’re certain of that we would add that exclamation. How positive are you about this life?

Well, here’s a few things I’m convinced of:

  1. I’m convinced that the sun will rise and the sun will set each day at it’s prescribed time, and God didn’t even ask my permission, nor does He have too.
  2. I’m convinced that even on the cloudiest, darkest day, the sun is still shining, even if I can’t see it.
  3. I’m convinced that in the stillness of the night, while I’m sound asleep, the world outside has not stopped moving.
  4. I’m convinced that the stars I see in the heavens, will be in the exact same place they were the night before, and they will still be twinkling in glorious splendor.
  5. I’m convinced that love covers a multitude of sins, love drives out fear, and love conquers all.
  6. I’m convinced that faith can move mountains, faith saves, and faith gives me a hope and future.
  7. I’m convinced that the oxygen I needtobreathe, will be readily available to me at God’s provision.
  8. I’m convinced that as I get older, I get slower, I hurt more, and things just don’t work like they used to.
  9. I’m convinced that one day, though I don’t know which day that is, I will die because of the effects of sin.
  10. I’m convinced that when that day comes, I will be ushered into the loving presence of my Savior, Jesus, not because of anything I did, but because of what He did.

There’s probably a whole lot more I could ramble on about what I’m convinced of, but I thought of those things after I read what the Apostle Paul was certain of. Here’s what he said,

“I am sure that nothing can separate us from God’s love – not life or death, not angels or spirits, not the present or the future, and not powers above or powers below. Nothing in all creation can separate us from God’s love for us in Christ Jesus our Lord!” — Romans 8:38-39

Can you begin to fathom that? Nothing can separate you from God’s love for you through Jesus Christ. There’s isn’t a force, a power, an influence that could ever cause God to stop loving you, and Paul was absolutely, unconditionally, unquestionably, decisively, 100%, sure. Are you?

Here’s my word of encouragement for you today

God not only loves you, He likes you — and He’s proud of you. And that, my friend, will never change. Of that, I’m certain.

Thank You for loving me and never changing Your mind about that. Jesus, in Your name I pray, Amen.

—Rev. Dr. MM Marxhausen

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Mark was Spiritual Director for VdC from 2016 to 2019. He's written many of the devotions, especially the Devote and Affirm series, found on this website.